Yummzy is a cafe in Greenwich which makes low carb, no added sugar, high protein, vegan and gluten free desserts. They are a fairly new cafe so I was invited down to try some of their desserts! They had a really nice amount to choose from too. I went for their dreamy coco heart, coconut doughnut, coco tart, maple pecan muffin and their Ferrero Roche.

They also do drinks and are going to have some savoury options too! I The first one I tried was the dreamy coco heart (the chocolate bun on the right at the back of the black board in the left hand picture). It was so yummy! It was extremely moist, soft and fluffy which is not normally what you get with gluten free vegan buns. It was also really nice and velvety in the centre. It was so rich and full of flavour and had just the right amount of sweetness!

Next up I tried their coconut doughnut, I liked the texture as it was soft, quite light and held together well when you bit into it. I don’t think it was as doughnutty as I expected from what they use to taste like before going gluten free but it was still nice. The chocolate that it was coated in was really good and went well with the coconutty doughnut flavour.

The coconut tart was an interesting one! It was so pretty to look at with the white and blue marble affect. I expected it to have a cheesecake kind of texture but I was wrong. It had a firmer texture and was extremely coconut, kind of like the centre of a bounty bar. If you love coconut, then this is the dessert for you! I would have preferred a softer texture and a harder base to create some contrast but it was still really nice.

It was so nice to be able to have a Ferrero Roche again, I haven’t had one in years! I loved how they put it in foil so you opened it up like a little present. It was super rich and chocolatey! It was quite a dark chocolate but this went really well with the nuts in the centre.

Finally I tried the maple pecan muffin which I really really liked! The texture reminded me of a cross between banana bread and a muffin. It had a really natural maple flavour throughout and was a little stronger but not overpowering in the buttercream. I love all things maple so I really enjoyed this muffin and I would definitely get it again.

So if you are looking for yummy low carb, no added sugar, high protein, vegan and gluten free desserts then this is the cafe for you!

Thanks for reading!

Here is a link to their website: Yummzy

Please check all cafe recommendation as they may have changed since I last visited. I love seeing people try places I love so please let me know if you do! You can tag me on Instagram @Glutenfreerhii and use the hashtag #coeliacmadeeasy !

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